Tesla vintage model 308U "Talisman" radio

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Tesla vintage model 308U "Talisman" radio, This is the Tesla model 308U "Talisman" radio, which is a gorgeous example of Streamline design and much sought after by world collectors. Manufactured in Czechoslovakia in the mid-1950s, its sleek, modernistic lines rival anything produced by Western count ... ries during the 1930s and 1940. The radio has a bakelite cabinet. Although Bakelite is most often seen in dark brown, or less often, black, it could be manufactured in a dark red or maroon color as seen here. Most 308U Talismans are found in the more common colors, making the red cabinet most desirable, almost unique in the world of vintage radios. In 1946, Philips began manufacturing radios in Czechoslovakia. The sets used a 4-valve mains superhet concept they had developed in 1941, based on their ’loktal’ valve design. The concept is characterized by the use of two valves of the same type, with one as oscillator/mixer and a second as I.F. amplifier/first audio stage. However the Philips factories were soon nationalized, the factories becoming part of the Tesla company. Tesla continued to use the 4-tube concept in various sets of which this Tesla 308U is probably the last. This is a three-band 4-valve radio, covering the longwave, standard broadcast, and shortwave bands. The dial scale is marked in meters: 16.5-51.5m, 187-572m, and 1000-2000m. Great shape, fully functional, see the video. Will ship from the Czech Republic.

Price:130 €

Location:Greater Manchester South


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